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homemade的中文翻译是自家制的。 homemade 英 ['həʊm'meɪd] 美 [ˈhomˈmed] adj.(衣服、食品等)自家制的 扩展资料1、I use a special dressing and homemade catsup. 我用了一种特殊的调料和自制的番茄酱。 2、Have y...

home.madehomemade的音标和读音: DJ音标发音: KK音标发音: homemade的词性: adj.(形容词)1. Made or prepared in the home: 家制的:在家中制作或准备的:用法与例句: homemade pie. 家制馅饼2. Made by oneself. 自制的3. Crudely or si...

homemade-gearing 国产齿轮 双语例句 1. Homemade goods are edging out imported foreign goods. 国产货正逐步取代进口货物. 2. The bread and pastry are homemade. 面包和糕点都是自家做的。


homemade food 自制的食物 双语对照 例句: 1. "The idea is to deliver elegant homemade food in a restaurant," he said. 2. Greeks are not homemade food only because they are not from Africa, like the mosquitoes.

hand made是手工的意思 homemade是家庭制作的意思


一、make用作及物动词,在主动语态中的含义主要有: 1.做;制作;制造.如: Can you make any mooncakes?你会做些月饼吗? ◆make后可跟双宾语,间接宾语后移时一般用for引导.如: My uncle will make me a kite. = My uncle will make a kite for m...

I saw a homemade sign written in redRind County Watermelon Festival AheadWell, I wasn't in a hurry so I slowed downTook a two lane road to a ...

我敢打赌他们有非常好吃的雪糕。She had homemade ice cream for dessert 她用自制的雪糕作饭后甜点。 展开剩余51% 0 15 更多回答(5)...

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